Revolution Youth Coalition dissolved, members continue public work

The 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition held a press conference on Saturday at El Sawy Culture Wheel to announce the dissolution of the coalition as a coordinating entity formed in Tahrir Square on 1 February 2011.

The coalition’s mission, it said, ended with the realisation of the most important goal of the revolution  the end of the interim period and the hand over of power to an elected civilian authority. 

Members of the coalition’s executive office, including independents and representatives of member revolutionary movements, attended.

Political activist Sally Toma, an executive officer, opened the conference by talking about how the coalition was established and the details of its first meeting on 24 January 2011.

Toma said the coalition's Facebook page will be shut down tomorrow, and denied it had an account on Twitter.

Activist Nasser Abdel Hamid presented the coalition's summary report, explaining its achievements during the past year and a half, and the developments it witnessed.

The report discussed the relationship between the coalition and the state, represented by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, Essam Sharaf's cabinet and the General Intelligence Services, as well as the details of meetings with them and an evaluation of that relationship.

It also discussed its relationship with other revolutionary forces and its position on the parliamentary and the presidential elections, as well as various initiatives and mass demonstrations that the coalition called for or participated in.

The report concluded with three messages to the revolution youth, the Egyptian people and the three participants in the formation of a national front, Hamdeen Sabbahi, Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, and Mohamed ElBaradei.

The coalition said its members will continue to do public work as independents or as members in other entities.

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