Revolution Youth Coalition denies it called for attacking military facilities

The 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition denied Thursday responsibility for a Facebook page urging protesters to attack vital military facilities during demonstrations planned for Friday.

Revolutionary groups have called for protests to correct Egypt's path and denounce the policies and performance of the ruling military council.

In a statement issued Thursday, the coalition said it was not associated with the Facebook page created under the group's name.

Nasser Abdel Hamid, one of the coalition leaders, said the page was false and that the aims of the upcoming demonstration had been publicly announced. Many fake statements have been attributed to the coalition lately, he said, and the group rejects any accusations of disloyalty and statements that aim to distort its image.

The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued a statement on its official Facebook page Wednesday emphasizing citizens' right to stage protests and saying the revolutionary forces are responsible for securing and organizing demonstrations.

“We detected calls that incite attacking the headquarters of the armed forces and the Interior Ministry, which is considered a threat to Egyptian national security and the interests of the great people,” the statement read, adding that security forces would deal with such attempts with the utmost severity and firmness.

Abdel Hamid said the SCAF statement came in response to the page attributed to the coalition and worried the fake statements might cause tension between the coalition and the military.

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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