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Results to be announced after end of presidential elections within Egypt: NEA

Following the end of the voting process for Egyptian expatriates in the 2024 presidential elections, the counting of votes began at the Egyptian Embassy in New Zealand and the embassy in the Australian capital.

Egyptians back home will begin voting on December 10-12, after which the results will be announced.

The Director of the Executive Branch of the National Elections Authority (NEA) Ahmed Bendary announced that the vote counting for presidential elections held outside the country at the headquarters of Egyptian diplomatic missions began at the polling station in the New Zealand capital, Wellington, by the end of the third and final day of the electoral process for expats.

In Sunday statements, he explained that the vote counting process is carried out by members of the diplomatic and consular corps, as part of their implementation for all procedures related to the electoral process under the supervision of the NEA.

At the conclusion of the vote counting process and the preparation of the necessary census records, all ballot papers and records will be sent to the headquarters of the NEA in Cairo, he explained, so that the numerical vote count is included in the count of voters inside the country.

The official final result of the elections will then be announced at the scheduled time, he said.

Various Egyptian ambassadors noted the strong desire of several communities to come to the polling stations to participate in the presidential elections, an act they described as “honorable” and reflecting their sense of responsibility towards their home nation.

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