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Restaurant worker sentenced to 3 years in prison for photographing women in WC

The Matrouh Criminal Court sentenced a restaurant worker to three years in prison with labor for photographing women in a bathroom inside a famous restaurant in the North Coast.

A woman named N. M. filed a report accusing A. M. A., a cleaner in the restaurant, accusing him of putting his phone inside the ladies’ bathroom, and turning the camera on.

The incident began with the spread of a video clip on social media, showing a woman named N. M., a housewife, inside a famous restaurant, on the North Coast, complaining that a worker put his phone next to the toilet inside the women’s bathroom and turned the camera on.

The woman went to the Alamein Police Station and filed a report with the incident.

According to investigations the victim was in a restaurant on the North Coast where she first saw the accused while pretending to clean the women’s toilet. While she was standing on the sink, she saw in the mirror a mobile phone inside the toilet room behind her. The camera was on and shooting a video, so she called out a woman who was present in the place, and it turned out that this phone belonged to the cleaner and that he had put it on purpose.

The accused confessed during interrogations that the phone belonged to him, and that he put it with the intention of filming women inside the bathroom. He was charged with harassment, and he was referred to a criminal trial.

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