Resolution of lawyers’ crisis may be imminent

Signs are pointing to a possible resolution to the ongoing dispute between Egypt’s lawyers and judges, which started when two lawyers were sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting Tanta’s chief prosecutor.

In one sign of reduced tensions, the Mansoura Judges’ Club decided to delay an emergency meeting scheduled for Friday in response to a call by the High Judiciary Council to “avoid escalation.” According to Amin Awad, head judge of the Court of Giza and a member of the Mansoura Judges’ Club Board of Directors, the delay is supported by most of the club’s members.

Lawyers’ Syndicate Chairman Hamdy el-Khalifa held a number of meetings with People’s Assembly Speaker Fathi Sarour, Attorney General Abdel Magid Mahmoud and High Judiciary Council Chairman Adel Abdel Hamid. According to sources, it was agreed during the meetings that all parties would work to calm tensions and create an atmosphere conducive to negotiations to solve the crisis.

Amid efforts to restore calm, lawyers continued their strike as per a directive issued by the High Council of the Lawyer’s Syndicate on Wednesday evening. The directive also states that the lawyers are to hold sit-ins across Egypt’s courtrooms on Saturday.

Lawyers have staged protests throughout the country in front of the regional headquarters of the syndicate. In Cairo, tens of lawyers demonstrated in front of the Lawyers’ Syndicate headquarters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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