Residents of Azarita building evacuated

Residents were evacuated from the building opposite Azarita’s leaning building, which was recently demolished, until engineers inspect the building and decide on its status.

Residents of Alexandria’s downtown Azarita area filed a claim saying the building facing the former leaning building had cracks and needed to be examined.

Civil Protection Forces and local authorities headed to the building, evacuated the residents and cut electricity and water services until a committee of engineers inspects the building.


The leaning building had collapsed on May 31, with no injuries or deaths reported.

The building was reportedly built in 2002 and a removal order was issued for it in 2004; however, the tenants opted to live in it at their own personal risk.

Local residents in Alexandria say several buildings in the city face the same fate or worse as contractors and landlords cheat building regulations by bribing officials.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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