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Report: Getting sick in Egypt is high risk for travellers

Getting sick in Egypt is a high risk for travellers, according to a map published by a health care and traveller advice organization.
Egypt has been branded as a “high risk” among other states categorized based on the quality and availability of medical, health care and sanitary services in a report by International SOS, published by the Washington Post.
“Emergency services that are only inconsistently available in remote areas, limited access to quality prescription drugs as well as the threat of serious infectious diseases are among the characteristics of risky travel destinations, according to the organization,” the Washington Post said, citing the SOS map. 
“According to the organization, Africa is most affected by the lack of medical care and supplies for foreigners in need. About half of the continent's nations are classified as posing an ‘extreme risk’, particularly those in West Africa which have been struck by the Ebola virus,” WP added.

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