Report: Egyptians spend annual LE4.5 billion on charity

Egyptians spend a yearly total of some LE4.5 billion on charitable causes, according to a recent report issued by Cabinet’s Information Center.

In 2009, roughly 15.8 million Egyptian households–representing 86.7 percent of all households nationwide–donated money and/or time to charity, the report found.

Of these households, 97 percent donated money in the form of alms (zika), the report revealed, with larger donations being made in urban areas (LE155 per household) than in rural areas (LE93 per household).

The report went on to state, however, that only 2.2 percent of those in the 10-to-29-year-old bracket had participated in voluntary charity work.

The study also noted that people generally preferred to see their donations go directly to the poor, while 23 percent chose to make donations through mosques and churches.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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