Renewed sectarian clashes in Moqattam

Renewed clashes broke out again on Wednesday in the Zarayeb area of Moqattam when Copts protesting a church burning prevented a prosecution team from inspecting the scene.

Violent clashes erupted yesterday between hundreds of Copts and Salafis in Zarayeb, which led to the injury of 110 people and the deaths of at least ten Christians and Muslims.

Coptic Christians were protesting an attack by a group of Muslims on a church in Atfeeh, Helwan earlier this week.

The crisis was sparked by a romantic relationship between a Coptic man and a Muslim woman.

Fighting broke out Wednesday when a large gathering of people prevented anyone from accessing the area except residents.

Preliminary investigations Wednesday reported that smashed glass was found at entrance to Zarayeb and a number of vehichles were completely burnt. The inspection revealed that seven stores in the Sayyeda Aisha area had been broken into and piles of garbage set on fire.

Inspectors also reported that Zarayeb residents blocked the autostrad road late on Tuesday during their protest. After blocking traffic, they began smashing glass and setting vehicles on fire, which led Sayyeda Aisha residents to take the streets.

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