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Relative of Palestinian boy facing starvation in northern Gaza says “there is no treatment” for him

From CNN’s Ibrahim Dahman and Sana Noor Haq

Ayman Al-Zanat, 28, worries that his young nephew, Fadi, will not make it through the night.

The Palestinian boy, age 6, clutches his chest while lying on a blue hospital bed in Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza. He is suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration, according to the health ministry in Gaza.

“The child’s health condition is very bad and is not improving,” Al-Zanat told CNN on Tuesday. “The doctors told us that there is no treatment for his condition.”

Israel’s severe restrictions of aid entering Gaza have condemned Palestinians to deadly hunger. At least 27 Palestinians in Gaza have died of malnutrition and dehydration, the ministry said on Tuesday.

Fadi, who has cystic fibrosis, has been in the hospital for 10 days, according to Al-Zanat.

The boy’s relatives say they are helpless. “The weakness and lack of energy in his body are increasing. … We don’t know what to do. Fadi does not sleep at night,” added Al-Zanat.

Israel’s siege: Israel insists there is “no limit” on the amount of aid that can enter Gaza, but its inspection regime on aid trucks means relief is barely trickling in. Humanitarian workers and government officials overseeing aid distribution in Gaza previously told CNN a clear pattern has emerged of Israeli obstruction. They say the Israeli agency that controls access to Gaza has imposed arbitrary and contradictory criteria.

According to Fadi's uncle, Ayman Al-Zanat, the doctors have told the family there is no treatment for Fadi's condition.
According to Fadi’s uncle, Ayman Al-Zanat, the doctors have told the family there is no treatment for Fadi’s condition. Mousa Salem/Anadolu/Getty Images

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