Regulatory authority: ISPs preventing customers from switching to other companies

Client dissatisfaction with internet service providers (ISPs) in Egypt is increasing as customers who wish to cancel their contract with their ISP and switch to another company are being prevented from doing so.

National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) sources said their customer service representatives have been receiving a large number of complaints from customers saying that their ISP has refused to give them a cancellation number which would allow them to switch to a different ISP.
NTRA Executive President Dr. Amr Badawi said the ISPs are responsible for the elevated number of complaints due to “intransigent procedures which they impose on clients wishing to terminate their contracts and switch to a different company.”
“We are considering a number of alternatives to address this problem, which many internet users are complaining of,” said Mahmoud al-Gowini, advisor to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, who pointed out that all customers have the right to switch to another ISP.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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