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Real Madrid star Michel Salgado in Egypt to participate in Tour n’ Cure campaign

Former Real Madrid star, Michel Salgado, landed in Egypt on Saturday to participate in the Egyptian Tour n’ Cure campaign that aims to eradicate Hepatitis C.

After launching a campaign to fight hepatitis C virus domestically, Egypt launched a program to help the estimated 71 million people afflicted with the disease worldwide.

In May 2016, Egypt launched the Tour n’ Cure programme, which has been promoted by football celebrities like Lionel Messi and Brazilian star Ronaldinho. For €5,900, or $8,000, European patients can spend a week in Egypt and tour the country at the same time they receive treatment for the virus.

Salgado visited Egypt to promote treatment for Hepatitis C as part of Prime Pharma’s Tour n’ Cure campaign to support tourism treatment in Egypt.

“That includes everything, flights, five-star accommodation, medical analysis, drugs,” said Mostafa El Sayed, managing director of Tour n’ Cure.  “It also includes three days of tourism.” Visitors can choose to spend their sightseeing days in Cairo, Luxor, or Sharm el-Sheikh.

Patients take the first few rounds of medication while in the country, then bring the remainder of the medication home with them. They do the final test with their local doctor to determine if they have been cured. If not, they will be treated again at no additional cost, he said.

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