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Ray fish in Gulf of Suez mistaken for shark in viral clip

A fish that appeared in a video clip shot in the Gulf of Suez turned out to be a ray fish, not a shark.

A researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Amgad Shaaban, who specializes in sharks, said that ray fish are common in the Gulf of Suez and pose no threat to humans.

Shaaban explained that there are about 44 species of sharks present in the Red Sea, all of which do not attack humans except for three species only.

According to Shaaban three types of sharks are the oceanic whitetip shark, the shortfin mako shark, and the tiger shark.

Sharks can only pose a serious danger if a person provokes them or if the sharks are in their mating period, he added.

Shaaban stressed that these three types still only a threat in rare cases, and assured that shark attacks in Egypt are very limited compared to shark attacks in South Africa and Australia.

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