Rapper Russ praises Egypt during CNN interview

Famous American rapper Russell Vitale, or Russ, had nothing but praise for Egypt during an interview broadcast on the CNN Newsroom program, following his ever performance in Egypt on August 2 at the North Coast’s Al-Alamein city.

The interview was made during his visit to the city. The hashtag #MyEgypt, launched by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with CNN to present different experiences by tourists in Egypt, appeared on-screen during the interview to promote tourism.

Russ stated several reasons he chose to hold a large concert in Egypt, expressing admiration for the beauty of the north coast’s beaches. Pointing out his interest in social media and follower reactions, the rapper explained that it was his Egyptian followers who encouraged him to hold the concert in Egypt.

He expressed his happiness with the audience who attended the concert, which included up to 8,000 people, and called Egypt a country full of love and warmth that he felt from everyone he met there.

Russ added it was his first time that he visited Egypt and that he hoped to hold many concerts in Egypt in the future.

Through his music, Russ said that he calls for communication between humans and spreading love and peace.

CNN Channel also described New Alamein city on Egypt’s north coast as having the most beautiful beaches in the world, adding that it is now attracting tourists from various countries.

In May, the Ministry of Tourism announced a collaboration with CNN International for an international campaign to promote Egyptian tourism in a modern and contemporary way through an innovative mix between TV platforms, digital media and CNN’s social media.

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