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Ramses exhibition serves as valuable tool to promote Egyptian tourism: Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee

The Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities stated that the “Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs” exhibition has served as a valuable tool to promote Egypt as a viable tourist destination to distant markets, such as Australia.

The exhibition started on November 16 in Sydney, Australia. It showcases 182 antiquities direct from the pyramids and museums of Egypt, together with their extraordinary stories.

The Chairman of the Committee, Mohamed Othman, said that the Australian market is characterized by high spending rates due to the high per capita income rate in Australia.

Australian tourists also have a higher range of tourist nights, typically from nine to 14, due to coming from a distant destination, he noted.

Othman added that Australian tourism rates can be boosted by paying attention to it as a viable market, through continuing to hold archaeological exhibitions, establishing more communication between Egyptian and Australian tourism decision-makers, and agreeing to operate flights from multiple points in Australia to Egyptian tourist cities.

The option to use the exhibition’s advertising on social media to promote Egypt as a tourist destination is also viable, he said.

Othman said that the exhibition has served as a viable indication of the Australian market’s interest in ancient Egyptian civilization, as its fourth stop at the Sydney Museum saw all tickets for the month of November being sold out.

He referred to the important role of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, headed by Mostafa Waziri, and the Egyptian archaeological missions in making recent discoveries, providing an invitation to visit Egyptian archaeological sites and discover their secrets.

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