Ragheb Alama to sue Lebanese MP for incitement to murder

Famous Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama said he would sue Lebanese MP Hikmet Deeb over the latter’s incitement to murder Alama.

The Lebanese MP had attacked Alama after the release of his latest song “The Country Flew”, demanding that he be beheaded because he criticizes politicians in Lebanon in the song.

Arab and Lebanese artists and fans have expressed their solidarity with the Alama.

The Egyptian al-Watan newspaper quoted Alama as saying that he had released the song out of fear for his country.

Alama said that he is not satisfied with the irresponsible political polarization in his country, adding that “the problem of forming our government will not be over; we have a foolish electoral system.”

“I told him (MP Deeb), ‘If you threaten killing me, I threaten you with music, and I’m up to my threat. If you were a man, carry out your threat,” Alama said.

He appealed to all Lebanese artists to attack the deteriorating situation in Lebanon and not to fear threats.


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