Rafah residents resist security forces

Unidentified individuals fired on 15 security vehicles during a campaign by security forces to arrest wanted fugitives in the city of Rafah. After the incident, the security forces returned to the city of Arish.
In related news sections of the city of Rafah have witnessed confrontations between local residents and security forces, who plan to demolish 50 houses in the city. The North Sinai Governorate claims the houses were built on agricultural land, whereas the inhabitants claim the ground was only made arable through their hard work. The residents argue that the houses are simple and do not negatively impact adjacent agricultural lands.
In the nearby village of Rasm, several residents fought back against security forces who were trying to demolish their houses. Residents lit cars on fire and setup barbed wire to stop the security forces from advancing. The forces were eventually forced to retreat.
The demolitions have been ordered to stop the construction of houses on agricultural land, said Murad Muwafi, governor of the North Sinai Governorate. The Director of the Agricultural Directorate in the governorate Mohamed Saad declined to comment, saying the responsibility now belongs to those who implement orders.
Sitting next to his demolished house Khadar Abu Madi said, “They destroyed the house that provided shelter to my family and me, and now we are homeless without having committed a single sin.” He added, “We cultivated this land with our own hands, so how can the governorate accuse us of infringing upon agricultural land that we made arable?”
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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