Rafah border opened ‘indefinitely’

President Hosni Mubarak yesterday ordered the indefinite opening of the Rafah border crossing, allowing medical and humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip and persons in serious need of medical treatment to leave.

The decision came in the aftermath of the Israeli assault on the Freedom Flotilla that left 19 activists killed and scores injured. Many from the international community have been calling on Egypt to open its border so that Palestinians can receive aid.

A security source said the border had been opened but that “instructions didn’t refer to the time of closure.”

Official sources at Rafah harbor said, “Additional crews at the harbor are working on carrying out the president’s instructions so that procedures for Palestinians to pass into Egypt can be implemented quickly.”

Sources added that persons holding Arab or other foreign passports, students who are enrolled for study abroad, and medical patients will be allowed to pass through the border to Egypt.

Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, expressed his appreciation for Mubarak’s decision.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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