Rafah border crossing remains open for injured Palestinians

On Tuesday, Egyptian authorities elected to keep the Rafah border land crossing in North Sinai open for the tenth consecutive day in a row.

The move is intended to help wounded Palestinians receive treatment at Egyptian hospitals and smoothly transfer aid to the Gaza Strip. 

An official source said that the crossing was opened in both directions for stranded Palestinians, Arabs and foreigners on both sides, in addition to wounded and humanitarian cases coming from the Gaza Strip, and sending humanitarian aid into the Strip.

The source added that all administrative teams of the crossing were present to facilitate procedures, as well as medical teams to receive the injured.

A number of ambulances have been sent to the border to transfer patients to Egyptian hospitals for treatment.

The Rafah crossing was opened at the beginning of last week, on an exceptional basis, in response to the Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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