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The quest for Cairo’s best muffin

Muffins have a special place in many people’s hearts. They are the small ray of joy you sneak into your bag when you are picking your coffee in the morning before you head off to yet another hectic day in the office. They are the beautiful surprise you leave your child in their lunchbox and they are your best friend when you are reading a great book on your balcony on a weekend.

Muffins, despite being extremely easy to make, need special attention for them to taste as delectable as they ought to be. That’s why writing a story about muffins in Cairo can be as tricky as cooking one: both acts need a lot of love in them.

Costa Cafe:

Like everything else at Costa Cafe, the muffins are hit and miss. But when the Blueberry muffin in Costa hits, it hits hard. The muffin, bigger than the usual size of the muffins you see around Cairo, comes to you heated and filled with an amazing amount of delicious blueberry juice.

While the blueberry is a highlight, the rest of the muffin menu in Costa can be as wonderful if luck is in your favor during that particular visit. The Double Chocolate muffin is filled to the max with chocolate cream. The lemon and white chocolate has a very unique taste, but once again, they can taste really poor if they have sat idly by in the shop for a day or two before your order.

A final tip: if you ordered Costa muffins one day and you found them to be amazing, do not order them the next day. There is a large chance you exhausted your opportunity for freshness.

Costa has branches throughout Cairo including Maadi, Downtown, Garden City, Zamalek, Mohandeseen and Nasr City. Phone numbers and hours of delivery vary accordingly. Muffins are priced at LE13.40.

Sugar ‘n’ Spice – Zamalek:

"Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first" is the slogan of Sugar ‘n’ Spice. And this is a place where the dessert will invariably be amazing. Sugar 'n' Spice, located on a side street in Zamalek, may very well be the best small bakery in all of Cairo. It offers multiple choices of amazing desserts and small snakes.

Their muffin, however, is by far the best on the menu. Four kinds of muffins are on display in the place: the banana Walnut muffin, the chocolate muffin, the lemon poppy seed and the bran muffin. The chocolate muffin is seductive to the eye, while the banana walnut brings indescrible joy to the mouth. While there, you might want to order a lovely cup of tea with spices from the lovely small shop to go along with your sweet treat.

Sugar ‘n’ Spice is located on 6 Brazil St. Zamalek, and they deliver around Zamalek and sometimes to surrounding areas like Downtown and Mohandessen, the phone number is : 27356236 and the mobile is: 0141771033.

The Bakery Shop:

The Bakery Shop, also known by the acronym TBS, is, however, the unrivalled home for pastry and baked goods in Cairo. Also located in Zamalek the place offers an arsenal of freshly baked goods and amazing aromas that will be liven up your morning. Their muffin selection, while limited to chocolate icing and chocolate chip, is routinely fresh.

What makes TBS special is not necessarily the food items alone but the ambiance of the establishment. You, however, need to forget about your diet when you visit TBS, as most likely, you are going to buy more than you share of desserts and food items there.

TBS is located on 4, al-Gazira street, Zamalek and the phone number is: 0227360071

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