Qena protesters call for PM’s resignation as cabinet confirms governor’s appointment

Qena residents who are protesting the appointment of a Coptic governor with ties to the former regime escalated their demands by also calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and his deputy, Yehia al-Gamal.

This came in response to a cabinet statement condemning the protest as illegal and confirming the governor's appointment.

The protesters are preparing for what they call a million-man anger demonstration after Friday prayers.

Sharaf had earlier announced his intention to visit Qena and said on his official Twitter page, “I hope the people of Qena will receive me as a guest in order to have a conversation and reach a decision that would satisfy them.”

Meanwhile, the National Council for Human Rights decided to send a fact-finding committee to Qena to investigate the protest.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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