Qatari spy chief leaves Cairo after two-day visit

Qatari intelligence chief Ahmed Nasser bin Jassim al-Thani left Cairo on Monday evening, according to Egyptian news reports.

Thani was in Egypt for two days to discuss the situation in Syria and relations between Cairo and Doha.

Privately-owned Al-Sabah newspaper reported on its website that the official met with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and discussed arrangements for the Emir of Qatar's upcoming visit to Gaza.

State-owned newspaper Al-Akhbar reported that leaders of the General Intelligence Services escorted the Qatari official to the Cairo International Airport when he left today.

ONTV said charges had been filed with the public prosecutor against the Qatari intelligence chief for allegedly violating Egyptian sovereignty by visiting Cairo earlier this year without informing the authorities.

Thani’s visit to Cairo in May sparked controversy in People’s Assembly, with MP Mostafa Bakry filing a request for information to the foreign minister over the visit.

Media reports claimed in May that Thani held meeting with prominent figures from the Muslim Brotherhood, which the group denied. Bakry called the visit “foreign intervention in the country’s affairs.”

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