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Qasr al-Nil Bridge littered with banners, stickers

Stickers of all different colors are scattered on the bodies the lion statues, littering the historical scene beginning with the plate that bears the date of the opening of Qasr al-Nil Bridge. Pictures of lost people were hanged as well on the statues.
"I will live like a wolf, no friend or beloved," "Ezbet al-Saayda," and "Koshari al-Anteel," read banners that cover the two lions statues at Qasr al-Nil Bridge among other banners and stickers.
Cairo local authorities clean the statues on regular basis, but once the cleaning is finished people start immediately distorting them again, said Sayed Hamed, small tea shop owner beside the statue.
They beat me if I try to prevent them, he added.
Fine artist Mohamed Talaat the problem was mainly with the material used in the renovation of the statues.
The statues are made of bronze, which needs certain chemical materials during cleaning, he said. The local authorities do not resort to artists or specialists during the cleaning process, which led to a change in the statues color, he mentioned.
The four lions were placed under Khedive Ismail at entrance and exit of Qasr al-Nil Bridge in April 1871. They were made of bronze in France.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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