Qasr al-Aini Hospital closed after gunmen attack doctors

Qasr al-Aini Hospital’s reception was closed after gunmen broke in, attacking doctors and firing shots, after a patient that was admitted with a shot to the head died. The patient was injured in a clash in the Boulaq al-Dakrour area.

State-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported on its website that gunmen broke into the hospital looking for someone in an act of revenge. Doctors were beaten and their money was taken by the gunmen. Hospital staff was also assaulted.

Two injured persons arrived in the hospital late on Monday. They were shot in a clash between two families in the Boulaq al-Dakrour area of Giza. Doctors tried to treat them, but one of them died immediately.

The deceased’s relatives then arrived, attacked the doctors and destroyed the seventh floor as well as other departments in search for any of their enemies to revenge. Patients and the staff panicked after a gunman fired shots inside the hospital, and doctors stopped working in protest.

Two suspects were arrested, and Central Security Troops were deployed after crowds of the deceased’s relatives gathered inside the hospital.

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