Qalyubiya police arrest blogger claiming her children were involved in sexual acts

The security authorities of Qalyubiya Security Directorate arrested Heba Sayed Ibrahim, known as Umm Ziyad, a resident of the Khosous area in Qalyubiya who claimed her children have been involved in sexual activity.

The accused published a video clip on Tik Tok where she appeared with her children and claimed that her children practiced immoral acts, however the confession was done sorely to generate views from outrage.

Confronting her during interrogations, she confessed to lying for views.

Her mobile phone was seized by authorities.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered, on Wednesday, the arrest of the owner of a channel on YouTube, after she published a video clip in which she stated that she discovered that one of her sons had a sexual relationship with his sister.

According to prosecutors, Ibrahim said in the clip that she saw a conversation between her son and his sister on his mobile phone, where he expressed his desire to have a sexual relation with her.

In the clip, she then questioned two of their siblings who were allegedly witnesses to the incident.

“This coincided with the Public Prosecution’s receiving a communication about the incident from the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood,” the public prosecution said in a statement.

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood received a communication in its child helpline on April 29 about the aforementioned clip.

The incident raises suspicions of human trafficking by exploiting children to attract viewers and make a profit putting the children at risk.

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