Qabbaj feels proud of stance of political leadership towards Palestinians

Minister of Social Solidarity and Deputy Chairman of Egyptian Red Crescent Niveen al-Qabbaj felt proud of the stance of the Egyptian political leadership concerning the crisis in Palestine to guarantee the right of the Palestinians and the support presented from all state institutions.

Qabbaj’s remarks were said during the launch of a humanitarian aid convoy to the Gaza Strip.

The convoy, presented by the Arab health and social affairs council, is launched from the premises of the Egyptian Red Crescent in Cairo as part of attempts to ease the unprecedented suffering and inhuman conditions of the Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

The delivery of the convoy will be conducted in accordance with applied measures, as part of efforts exerted by the Arab League Social Affairs Department to provide health and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people who have been subject to the barbaric Israeli aggression since October 7, 2023.

The convoy is also an implementation of the decisions of the executive office of the Arab Health Ministers Council and the Arab Social Affairs Council.

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