Putin revives Stalin-era “Mother Heroine” award for women with over 10 children

On Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree reviving the Soviet-era “Mother Heroine” award for women with more than 10 children, in an attempt to alleviate a demographic crisis in Russia.

Originally, the award was introduced by Joseph Stain after World War II, when the Soviet population plunged by tens of millions.

The award ceased to exist with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

A payment of 1 million rubles ($16,500) will be given to Russian mothers once the 10th child turns one, if all 10 have survived.

According to the latest Rosstat statistics published this summer, Russia’s population shrank by an average of 86,000 people per month between January and May, a record.

In addition Russia is suffering heavy losses among troops in Ukraine, but the true number of casualties has not been disclosed.

In an attempt to relieve the population crisis in Russia, the Kremlin has also focused on promoting traditional values.

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