Public prosecutor orders investigation of torture report

The public prosecutor called Tuesday for an investigation into a report of torture against a political activist.

The report, filed by eight rights organizations, accused the Interior Ministry and police personnel in the Marg Police Department of detaining Albert Ayyad, a Coptic supporter of Mohamed ElBaradei, without a warrant. Ayyad was arrested after residents of Marg accused him of posting a video clip online in which he criticizes religion.

The rights organizations claim that Ayyad was beaten and cut with a razor during interrogation. They also called for an investigation into the search of his home and his detention, saying he had been taken to an unidentified location after being remanded for 15 days.

The organizations also demanded that an investigation be opened into the claim that Ayyad’s mother was forced from her home after angry neighbors threatened to kill her and burn down her home.

The organizations include the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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