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Public Prosecution detains owner of dog that bit 3-year-old girl

The Public Prosecution office received a report from the father of a three-year-old girl who was bitten by a dog on the road while it was walking with his owner’s worker, and moved to detain the owner of the animal.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also monitored the circulation of the incident on social media, and immediately launched investigations.

According to a statement on Thursday, investigations began by listening to testimonies of two eyewitnesses who saw the worker losing control over the dog while she was walking with it on the public road.

The dog attacked the child and bit her in the head. Passersby beat it until it let her go, and they took the victim to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The Public Prosecution also watched CCTV recordings of the scene, which showed the dog pouncing on the victim without any leash, collar or muzzle.

The Public Prosecution interrogated the owner of the dog and the first presented the dog’s license from the competent authority, and evidence that it had taken the necessary vaccinations.

The worker said that the dog’s collar broke off during the walk, so she lost control over it and it pounced on the child.

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the owner of the dog for four days pending investigations.

It also ordered a formation of a committee of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to examine the dog, determine the validity of its license and vaccinations, and to evaluate its behavior after placing it in the veterinary hospital of the Veterinary Services Authority.

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