Protests in Gharbiya, Beheira, Sharqiya

Around 200 families from the Shubra el-Yaman village in the Zefta region of Gharbiya Governorate demonstrated Friday against the failure to complete a sanitary drainage project in their village.

Ashraf Hosny, a resident of the village, said officials from the contracting company carrying out the project say they won’t continue work on the project, which has only been completed in half the village. Hosny added that most of the houses in the village could collapse due to underground water.

Hussein Nafe, head of the Zefta Local Council, said the company was committed to finishing the project on time and that work was going according to schedule.

In Beheira, 60 librarians assembled in front of the governorate headquarters requesting their cadre allocations, a form of payment.

"We passed the cadre examinations, and have dispensed the cadre for 20 months. We were surprised at the ministerial decision stating we had no right to the cadre and deducting the dispensed amounts retroactively, although ours is a subject that has lessons and exams."

Karima el-Dekhmisy, a librarian in the Kafr el-Dawwar Directorate, said that librarians, like social workers, equally deserve the cadre allocations.

In Sharqiya, Mohamed Moussa, a worker in the Zagazig railways, continued his hunger strike for the third day and threatened to jump under the wheels of a train to protest his arbitrary transfer from the Ismailia Railways to the Zagazig Railways after he had filed a complaint accusing officials in the Ismailia Railways of wasting public money and falsifying employee time cards.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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