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Protesters demanding hostages’ release disrupt Israeli parliament

From CNN's Amir Tal and Hagi Cohen-Boland

Families of hostages disrupted a meeting of the finance committee in the Israeli parliament on Monday, demanding more be done to secure their release.

“You will not sit here while they die there,” read one of the placards as more than a dozen people forced their way into the committee’s meeting.

Video of the scene showed security officers trying to remove the protesters.

“It can’t go on like this. You’d better know. It can’t go on like this. You will not sit here while our children die there,” one of the protesters shouted.

There are no reports of arrests inside the parliament, called the Knesset.

Israeli police reported that dozens of protesters had blocked the entrance to the Knesset, “violating public order.” After they refused to leave, a police officer announced a dispersal order. Those disrupting public order were moved back to the protest area in order to allow the protest to continue lawfully, according to a police statement.

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