Protester released after being detained during violence near Interior Ministry

A protester detained during violence that erupted near the Ministry of Interior last year was released on Monday from Sharabiya police station in Cairo.  

The police released Mohamed Gad al-Rab, known as Sambo, under the guarantee of his brother. His lawyer will complete the procedures for his release Tuesday.

State Minister for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Mohamed Mahsoub had declared that Sambo would be released within 24 hours.

Sambo was detained on charges that he assaulted police officers during clashes erupted in 28 and 29 June last year that flared on Mansour Street, meters away from the Interior Ministry's headquarters.

Hundreds of protestors were injured, and police said that at least 40 policemen were injured as well.

Sambo was arrested near his residence in Sharabiya after press photos showed him holding a shotgun belonging to security officers. He was tried before a military court and sent to Wadi al-Natroun prison

The police department received an official release order for Sambo from military prosecutors, which said he was one of 57 civilians detained by the military that was given presidential amnesty.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

*Correction: This article previously stated that Sambo had been detained in connection with the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November.

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