Prosecutors try to open safe of ‘most dangerous thug in Egypt’

Prosecutors went to the villa of Sabry "Nakhnoukh" Helmy, the so-called “most dangerous thug in Egypt,” for the second time on Wednesday in search of a large safe within.

“The villa has many safes that Nakhnoukh gave us the keys to,” said a source from the prosecutor’s office. “But he did not give us the key to this one.”

Nakhnoukh’s arrest earlier this week made headlines in the news. According to the state-run news source MENA, 12 members of his gang were also arrested. At his villa, police allegedly discovered five women, large quantities of hashish, five walkie-talkies, machine guns, large quantities of ammunition, a bullet-proof vest, tasers, swords, license plates for cars he used to mislead the police and 16 mobile phones.

Also found in his villa were five lions, two tigers and six dogs to guard him.

Criminal investigations into Nakhnoukh have shifted from inquiring about his possessions to his activities, his relationship with figures of the former regime and his role in the killing of protesters during the revolution.

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