Prosecutors to question Interior Ministry officials over blaze

Prosecutors plan to summon Interior Ministry officials for questioning during an investigation into the fire at the ministry Tuesday.

Preliminary investigations reported an electrical short in the air conditioning sparked the fires that gutted five stories of the police communications building.

But a number of policemen who were protesting in front of the ministry Tuesday for better working conditions said they saw the fires break out and that ministry employees were responsible.

Judicial sources said prosecutors will summon employees of the ministry’s communications department to count the number of documents lost in the fire.

Experts from criminal laboratories will analyze evidence to determine if the fire was set deliberately.  

The blaze broke out on the ninth floor of the communications building around 5 PM and then on fourth floor, destroying the fifth, sixth and seventh floors in between.

According to investigations, all the offices and computer devices on the fifth floor were destroyed, and eight police officers and recruits inside the building were injured.    

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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