Prosecutors investigate torture of young man by illegal currency trader

Daqahlia prosecutors started investigation into a claim filed by a young man accusing an illegal currency trader of abducting and of torturing him using a whip and hot coals to force him to confess to stealing $3 million from a property owned by the defendant in Gamsa area.

The family of the young man named Mohamed Gamal al-Bakry, 30, filed a claim with Belqas Police Station accusing a currency trader and others of abducting the victim and torturing him. The victim was transferred to Belqas General Hospital to receive medical treatment for his injuries.

"I received a call from someone I know from the city of Gamasa who asked me to pick him up from the international road. I went with a tuk-tuk to pick him up, and found two cars waiting for me," said the victim during interrogations.

According to the victim's claim, the suspects abducted him from the road in a Mercedes car, covered his eyes and then transferred him to an unidentified place where they tortured him over three days by whipping and putting hot coal on his body so he would confesses to stealing $3 million.

They then released him after they had discovered who the real thieves were, according to the statements made by the victim.

"They hung me from my arms for three hours and put burning coal in my pockets and down my legs and hit me with a whip, hoses and chains. They kicked me until they broke my teeth," he added.
The victim pointed out that the suspects threatened him, saying he can chose either to confess where the money was hidden or die.
The victim was given salty water to drink when he asked for water, and hit on the head with rocks to wake up if he lost conscious, he said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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