Prosecutor asks April 6 spokesperson to testify in Ruwainy case

The public prosecutor's office has asked Mohamed Adel, media spokesperson for the April 6 Youth Movement, to testify Sunday in the group's case against Major General Hassan al-Ruwainy.

Adel said that he received a phone call Saturday asking him to attend the session. He added that the group filed a complaint with the public prosecutor after the military judiciary failed to investigate the case, and that he feared the case would be referred back to the military judiciary, where it would "be buried and put in drawers."

The April 6 Youth Movement has accused Ruwainy of defamation and incitement against the group after he accused the group of receiving foreign funds. The group claims that Ruwainy's statements were responsible for the death of Mohamed Mohsen, an April 6 activist, when the group was attacked during the Abbasseya clashes.

In addition to saying that the April 6 Youth Movement received foreign funding, Ruwainy also told Al Jazeera in July 2011 that some of the group's members were being trained in Serbia, without going into further detail.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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