Prosecution orders arrest of NDP businessman for financing attacks

The prosecution ordered the arrest of a multi-millionaire businessman Ibrahim Kamel, a senior member in the National Democratic Party (NDP), on charges of involvement in the planning and financing of attacks on protesters during the 25 January uprising, a judicial source said on Sunday.

The source went on to say that the order came in light of information collected during the prosecution’s fact-finding committee investigations into the 2 February attack on protesters in Tahrir Square.

The committee had announced the involvement of a number of leading figures in the NDP, former MPs and police officers who transferred large numbers of thugs and convicts from different areas to attack the Tahrir protesters using batons and large rocks.

Charges against the defendants include hiring a group of camel and horse riders from Cairo stables for use in attacking protesters.

Kamel, who owns a number of major local and international companies in the financial and tourist sectors, was a member of the former ruling party’s General Secretariat. The night of the attack, Kamel had also made an appearance on state TV, during which he promised that NDP members would lead pro-Mubarak protests that same day.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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