Prosecution holds hearing for suspects in Coptic unrest

Giza prosecution services on Sunday held a hearing for the 165 individuals suspected of rioting and assaulting police officers during clashes between Coptic protesters and police on 24 November.
The clashes occurred after district authorities halted construction of a new church in Omraneya, Giza, citing inadequate building permits.   
The violence left two Copts dead and dozens injured, including police personnel.
The 10PM hearing was conducted without the presence of defense lawyers. The session concluded late the same night.
Sameh Safwat, a defense lawyer, said security officers denied him access to the courtroom along with the rest of the team of attorneys.
"The hearing to decide on an extension of the defendants' imprisonment was slated for Monday 6 December, but it was changed to late Sunday, which meant we were unable to attend," Safwat said.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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