Prominent Brotherhood figure returns from exile

Prominent Muslim Brotherhood figure Mostafa Kamal al-Halabawy returned to Egypt on Tuesday, having lived for 23 years in voluntary exile in London.

Sources said al-Halabawy decided to return when he knew his name had been dropped from the Egyptian security forces' wanted list and no provisions were issued against him in the case known as the “group’s international organization”.

He said that he was pleased to return home, and that he was compelled to leave in the first place because he had opposed the former corrupt regime, as he put it.

The Muslim Brotherhood group said al-Halabawy’s return was a manifestation of the freedom that had been attained as a result of the 25 January revolution.

Al-Halabawy was a member of the group’s international organization in Europe, which the group dissolved in 2006.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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