Pro-military council protesters gather in Giza, Qubba

Dozens of protesters gathered Friday in Nahdet Misr Square in Giza to show solidarity with the ruling military council.

State news agency MENA said that a group called "Rise up Egyptian" called for the protest. The group called on everyone to support the armed forces, reject attempts to stir up sedition and strife, and elect a president capable of restoring stability and security.
MENA said the protesters set up a stage under the Egypt Renaissance statue in front of Cairo Zoo after Friday prayers.
Hundreds also demonstrated in Qubba Square in front of the presidential palace to show support for the junta after Friday prayers. The "Silent Majority" and "Save Egypt" groups participated.
Demonstrators chanted slogans such as: "The armed forces and the people are one hand," "Oh revolutionary youth you are the hope of Egypt, be not its pain," and "Egypt did not fall." 
They raised banners that read: "We will not let agents destroy our country" and played patriotic songs through loudspeakers.
A "Save Egypt" statement was distributed, saying that Islamist candidates must not be allowed to link their platforms to the application of Sharia. It said: "Islamic Sharia denies their [acts], because they are using Sharia to achieve worldly interests."
The statement attacked Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, disqualified from the presidential race to his mother's dual nationality, as well as "a candidate who denies his history with the Muslim Brotherhood," in reference to Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh.
Qubba residents organized a counter march, and chanted slogans such as: "[Qobba] is not a hospice and will not be like Abbasseya" and "One hand however long it takes, against [Tawfiq] Okasha and disruption." Okasha owns a satellite TV channel and is a staunch supporter of the military rulers.
Some altercations have occurred between the demonstrators and shop owners and vendors who fear the disruption of their work in an already bad economic atmosphere.
The military council received sharp criticism after the armed forces clashed with protesters last Friday near the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Abbasseya.
Twelve people died and hundreds were wounded. Women detained by the army complained of sexual harassment and others complained of being beaten.
Edited translation from MENA, Al-Masry Al-Youm

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