Prisoner relatives attempt to storm Al-Ahram headquarters

Military police dispersed a group of attackers who attempted to storm Al-Ahram newspaper headquarters in al-Galaa Street downtown Cairo, the state run Al-Ahram website reported.

The report said military police fired in the air after attackers, reportedly the angry relatives of a prisoner, blocked the street using buses and smashed the glass of Al-Ahram building doors.

The clashes worsened after some of the attackers set tires on fire in front of the building, but they ended with the arrival of 3 armored vehicles and police reinforcements, Ahram said.

One of the Al-Ahram security guards was injured by gunfire, after an exchange of fire between a police officer exchanged fire with unknown attackers amid a crowd of gathering people at the back door of the institution.

According to Ahram, the violence erupted when a police officer was taking a prisoner from the court to the police car so as to transfer him to prison, when his relatives ambushed the car and exchanged fire with the police officer.

The police officer was forced to escape and take refuge in Al-Ahram building, where the security guard was injured.

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