‘Prince of Satire’ Galal Amer dies

The death of Al-Masry Al-Youm writer Galal Amer at a hospital in Alexandria on Sunday morning came as a shock to his readers as well as to activists and writers who described him as "the revolution's sage" and "the prince of satire."

Amer suffered a heart attack on Friday after seeing protesters  some supporting the ruling military council and others against it  clashing in the area where he lived in Alexandria. His last words were reportedly "Egyptians are killing each other."

Amer was a prominent satirical writer who wrote a column for Al-Masry Al-Youm under the title "Takhareef" (hallucinations). He graduated from the Military Academy and participated in the 1973 October war against Israel. He also studied law and philosophy. 

Ramy Galal, his son,said, "Galal Amer has not died. How could an idea die? Ideas are eternal… Farewell father! See you soon."

After his death, Facebook and Twitter users exchanged thousands of comments in mourning for the writer.

"God bless the creative Galal Amer. We will miss his pure patriotism and his clear vision, which have enriched our minds and touched our hearts. His memory will live on," Mohamed ElBaradei, former chief of the International Atomic Emergency Agency, tweeted.

Novelist Ibrahim Abdel Maguid wrote, "I slept before the break of day and woke up to the news of your loss, Galal, to a persistent night. The voice of Mahmoud Darwish came to me wondering 'Is all this long night for me?'"

Belal Fadl, a writer, wrote, "Farewell my old friend! I will miss you a lot. I will miss our loud laughs at the cafes in Bahary. I will miss your humanity, sadness and your ability to continually amaze me. Goodbye Amm Galal! I attest that there is no god except but Allah and that Mohamed is his messenger… Only God lasts forever!"

"What bad luck, Egypt! You were not destined to live the joy of Galal Amer's writings… He died feeling sad for you. God bless him!"

Journalist Sulaiman al-Hakim wrote, '"My companion in the army and in journalism has passed away… Amer fought equipped with a rifle in the face of Israeli occupation, and equipped with a pen he waged another war against corruption and ugliness inside Egypt. He died chanting against corruption and collusion. Down with unscrupulous people! And long live Galal Amer!"

Political activist Wael Ghonim wrote, "God bless Ibrahim al-Fiqqi [a motivational speaker who also recently died] and writer Galal Amer. May he be granted admittance to paradise."

A Facebook page titled "The Official Page for the Union of Revolutionary Pages" wrote, "The revolution's sage has died … the man who was always satirical and deep. But he has instilled an idea into our minds, one that will never perish."

Amer is said to have asked for his corneas to be donated to victims of the revolution who lost their eyes.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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