Prime minister to inaugurate restored Imbaba church

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and Giza Governor Ali Abdel Rahman will inaugurate the restored Virgin Mary church in Imbaba on Tuesday. The church was set on fire during sectarian clashes in May.

The cost of the restoration work, which has been estimated at LE6 milllion, was met in full by Giza Governorate.

Metias Elias, the church pastor, thanked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the governor of Giza for their efforts, adding that the governorate has been extrmely generous.

In other news, Amir Ramzi, a member of the National Justice Committee, has threatened to freeze his membership unless committee members are granted access to the draft unified law for places of worship. So far, according to Ramzi, the committee has not been allowed to review the law, which was prepared recently by the cabinet.

Ramzi added that there is no reason for slowness in granting access, especially since the current government is working seriously to put an end to problems facing church construction.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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