President’s son shouldn’t be in love with opposition leader’s daughter, says censor

For the second time, government censors have rejected a proposed screenplay for a movie entitled "Homma Hebo Baad" ("They're in Love with Each Other").

The first time the screenplay was presented to the censorship board for approval, the film–originally entitled "The President’s Son"–told the story of the son of the president who falls in love with the daughter of a prominent opposition leader.

Scriptwriter Youssef Maaty subsequently modified to the script, changing the leading role from the president’s son to the son of the prime minister. Censors, nevertheless, again rejected the script.

“The film contains inappropriate political propaganda,” said censorship director Sayed Khattab. “Art should not be mixed with politics.”

Khattab denied that the security services had pressured him to reject the screenplay. “If it is further amended, I would be willing to approve it," he stressed.

He went on to assert that state censors generally approved movie scripts without amendment.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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