Presidential Security Director: Morsy did not request the dispersal of the Ettehadiya sit-in by force

Q: What is your name and profession? 
A: My name is Osama Hussein al-Metwally al-Guindi. I am the head of the Central Security Department of the Presidency. 
– The witness was sworn in before the court.
Q: What do you know of the Ettehadiya events?
A: People protested the Constitutional Declaration by staging a sit-in with tents outside the Ettihadiya Presidential Palace. We met with the president and he told us that he did not want a bloody dispersal of the sit-in. Then there was a clash between supporters and opponents. 
Q: What is your job description?
A: Security procedures for personnel, documents and the president’s meetings.
Q: What is the reason for the protest? 
A: To object the Constitutional Declaration. 
Q: Who told you the Muslim Brotherhood supporters were coming to the palace? 
A: The Military Intelligence, the State Security Apparatus and the Public Security Apparatus. 
Q: How many were they?
A: I had already left.
Q: You said the supporters attacked the protesters and tortured them. 
A: I watched it on television. 
Q: Did you attend the meeting with Mohamed Morsy after the clashes? And what did he say? 
A: It was about how to disperse the sit-in without shedding blood. 
Q: Did he request to disperse it by force?
A: No he did not.
Q: Who attended the meeting? 
A: Assad al-Sheikha, Ahmed Abdel Aty, the director of presidential security, and the commander of the Republican Guard. 
Q: You said they all left after the meeting. Did Ahmed Abdel Aty leave too?
A: I don’t know, but Assad al-Sheikha was there. 
Q: You mentioned during investigation that Mohamed Morsy knew of the detention of the protesters and did not move? 
A: The events were broadcast live and Assad al-Sheikha was there. He must have told him.
– The defense asks the witness.
Q: Is there a link between the events of 30 June and 3 July? And why were you late in testifying?
A: We are only responsible for the presidential palaces. I came when I was summoned to testify. 
– The court re-questions the witness.
Q: You said all the heads of departments left the palace during the events. When did you leave? And did Ahmed Abdel Aty leave too?
A: The president and all the heads of departments left. But I cannot determine if Ahmed Abdel Aty left too.
Q: You said there are cameras on the roofs of the Ettehadiya Palace that can monitor everything large or small. Were these cameras working during the events? 
A: Yes, but they cannot monitor the blind spots.
Q: How did you know that those coming to the palace were Muslim Brotherhood supporters? 
A: I don’t remember.
Q: You said that Assad al-Sheikha came to inspect the situation at the palace and asked you about the blood that was shed, and that you told him it was your responsibility.
A: I said so when he asked me whose responsibility it was.
Q: From your point of view, were there some who were paid and others who came freely to support?
A: The ones who were paid were already there. The supporters came later.
Q: Have you seen the detention incident at gate 4? 
A: I’ve seen it on television.
Q: You said those who attended the meeting suggested to disperse the sit-in peacefully. Did they disagree with you?
A: No.
Q: When you said “your responsibility” did you mean the Republican Guard? 
A: No. 
Q: You said that you left at 3 pm. How did you know that Assad al-Sheikha was in the palace?
A: He left at 2 pm and came back half an hour later.
Q: Are there attendance sheets the prove the presence of the presidential staff? 
A: No.
Q: When did Mohamed Morsy and the presidential staff leave?
A: Around three o'clock in the afternoon. 
Q: How was your relationship with the former president?
A: Strictly business.
Q: Were the palace gates open or closed? 
A: Closed. 
Q: When exactly was the former president arrested? 
A: I don’t know. 
Q: You mentioned that Assad al-Sheikha came back after half an hour. Do you know where he was? 
A: I assumed he went to meet with the president but I cannot tell.
Q: Do you have anything else to say? 
A: No 
– The witness signed the minutes of the meeting.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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