Khaled Ali: Second revolution inevitable in Egypt

Presidential hopeful Khaled Ali said that a second revolution was inevitable in Egypt in spite of who is elected president because the people want to achieve the objectives of the revolution.

He said that this struggle will continue even after the new president is elected, and that while the success of a revolutionary candidate could delay the second revolution, it is still unavoidable.

Ali said in an interview with the London-based newspaper Asharq al-Awsat on Friday that he feared elections-rigging more than Islamists or former figures reaching power. He added that he would accept the results of the election even if a Mubarak regime figure won the race.

Ali said that although his financial resources were limited, he could be among the top five candidates running the presidential race, noting that the campaign’s greatest expense is the rent of his apartment, which doubles as his campaign headquarters. Even posters, banners and other campaign materials are donated by his supporters, he added.

Ali stressed that he was a “serious” contender in the elections, although some candidates asked him to be their vice president in case they won. Ali said he rejected the proposals and that he believes he could be a successful president or else he wouldn't have run the race. He said that a civilian state and social justice are the basis of his platform.

Ali also commented on Egypt’s relationship with Israel: “Israel is an enemy of Egypt, and we respect the concluded agreements as long as there is a commitment to them [on part of Israel], but this does not preclude amendments to the peace treaty after 30 years, as we must demand full Egyptian sovereignty on Sinai. This does not mean a war.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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