Khaled Ali accuses SCAF of attempting to abort revolution

Presidential hopeful Khaled Ali described the forcible breakup of the protest near the Defense Ministry in Abbasseya as an attempt by the military council to abort the revolution and remain in power.

In a statement issued by his official campaign, Ali said the incidents that took place in Abbasseya on Friday are part of the scenario to abort the revolution which started unfolding on 9 March.

According to Ali’s campaign, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is protecting the counterrevolution and participating in it.

He called for the swift release of detainees in Friday’s incidents and for bringing the perpetrators of yesterday’s clashes and the Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud Street and cabinet clashes to trial as well.

“The thugs who attacked protesters over the past five days should have been arrested,” Ali said, adding that the attackers were not demonstrators but had been incited by the SCAF.

He warned against attempts by the SCAF to ignite clashes and assaults on peaceful protesters to undermine the revolution and stay in power.

On Friday, military police forcibly dispersed a protest staged close to the Defense Ministry in Abbasseya, using tear gas, water cannons, birdshots and live ammunition, which led to the injury and arrest of hundreds of protesters.

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