Presidential candidates look forward to amending Egypt-Israel treaty

Several potential presidential candidates have said they will amend the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel if they assume power, especially the terms on which security procedures are taken in the Sinai peninsula.

At a symposium on Saturday, former chief of staff and would-be candidate Magdi Hatata said Egypt may take legal measures to force Israel to accept amendments.

Several candidates attended the event at the East Center for Regional and Strategic studies. Among the attendees were head of the Ghad Party, Ayman Nour, former MP Hamdin Sabahi and judge Hisham al-Bastawisi.

Hatata said that Israel is an intelligent state and will consider Egypt’s power and thus accept its demands by reaching an agreement, by consensus or by international arbitration.

Egypt and Israel should hold talks to discuss the fifth paragraph of the fourth term of the agreement, said Hatata, referring to army deployment in Sinai.

Bastawisi said the peace agreement with Israel “needs to be reconsidered”, adding there are many issues that must be discussed, most importantly restoring complete Egyptian sovereignty over Sinai to achieve real development there. 

In other news, Hatata said that Egypt should protect citizens’ rights without discriminating between Muslims and Copts. “With the second article of the Constitution enforced, there should be another source of legislation for Copts,” he added. He also rejected the 50 percent quota for farmers and workers in parliament, saying there should be no discrimination among Egyptians.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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