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President Sisi allocates lands for urban development to Armed Forces

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has issued a decree to allocate desert lands with a depth of two kilometers on both sides of 31 new roads for the benefit of the Armed Forces.

The Decree No. 17 for the year 2023 stipulates that this allocation shall not affect the actions taken by state agencies prior to the date of implementing this decree on the areas located in these lands.

The decree has entrusted the General Authority for Urban Planning, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country to complete the necessary strategic plans for the development of these areas within one year from the date of implementing this decree.

With the exception of lands belonging to the jurisdiction, supervision, or administration of the concerned state authorities.

The provisions of Presidential Decree No. 152 of 2001 regarding the determination of state uses shall apply to the areas stipulated in Article 1 of this decree.

The decree obligated the concerned state authorities referred to in the previous paragraph to coordinate with the competent agencies of the Armed Forces, the General Authority for Urban Planning and the General Authority for Roads and Bridges before implementing any projects planned on any part of their areas.

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