President al-Sisi Directs to Increase Expenses on Improving Conditions of Citizens in New Budget

Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait has asserted that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave directives to increase the expenditure on improving the living conditions of citizens and sustainable work to meet the basic needs of Egyptians.

The directives also aimed at improving the wages of the state’s employees and the pensioners in the new the budget of the fiscal year 2024-2025 to ease the burdens of the citizens.

He added that this would contribute to curbing the inflation impact and achieving the economic targets in addition to prioritizing the sectors of health and education as they are basic to human development.

In a statement on Tuesday, Maait said that the directives of the president included expanding the social protection umbrella that targets those who deserve care along with just distribution of budget accreditation to meet the needs of growth and development to all zones and social segments.

He added that the state is keen on continuing the implementation of “Decent Life” initiative to improve the living conditions of 60 percent of the Egyptians living in the countryside.

He said that the state is implementing a bundle of strong structural reforms to support the promising sectors within the framework of the efforts of the state to use its resources in the best way and encourage the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy internationally.

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